Rambunctious La Rambla

Rambunctious La Rambla

La Rambla, a street in central Barcelona, Spain popular among tourists and residents for delicious street food and tapas. The tree-lined road inspired its Spanish owners and head chef, nurturing this ever changing concept into the success that it has become.

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La Rambla’s interiors are light and airy, styled with hip and casual decor. It has a homelike feel with a chef’s table bar overlooking the open kitchen, and a cocktail bar upstairs. Splashes of color throughout the restaurant from various knick knacks, fresh flower arrangements, and Salvador Dali inspired menus give it a nice spark of surreal playfulness. Conversation starting art pieces including the randomly placed bicycle keep guests chatting while waiting for the wine and food to arrive.

Rambla explores tasty street food found along the pedestrian cafes of its namesake, adding a modern twist by mixing in the playful inventiveness of molecular gastronomy. Here, one finds nouvelle interpretation of Catalan cuisine curated from classic recipes with premium ingredients, modern cooking techniques, and imaginative plating. Resulting bite is at once light, flavorful and surprisingly delightful.

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Start one’s culinary journey with Rambla’s Crispy Chicken Skin and Prawns – a tower of perfectly cooked prawn sized shrimp stacked between layers of salty crunchy chicken skin.
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Our second course Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio is a deliciously delicate plate thinly sliced beef flavored with extra virgin olive oil, caper berries, and fresh herbs.

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Rambla adds and removes dishes, adjusting the menu with the seasons. However, a hold-ver staple since they opened is the inventively seasoned Crispy Suckling Pig with Mustard Sauce and Bok Choy. This is a crowd favorite for good reasons. Squares of flavor packed pork are layered with soft juicy meat, gooey fat, and topped with the perfect crispy skin.

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For the finale, order the Deconstructed Tiramisu dessert. A joy to look at and more enjoyable to eat – each bite offers a different texture and flavour explosion of the Italian classic dessert. Espresso, chocolate, marscapone cheese and coco were coming from jelly, crunchie bits of cookies, fluffy foam and creamy mousse; creating a unique confusion of new textures from familiar flavors.

Rambla’s food is so delicately and artistically plated you will feel the sense of luxury akin to a fine dining restaurant. This feeling is melded together with a laid back atmosphere and suddenly you get the best of both worlds. Combining approachable atmosphere and modernized street food is a brilliant union. Relax and explore the line between modern Spanish fine dining and Spanish comfort food at the next best thing to Spain itself, Rambla.

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